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Due to the COVID 19 virus scare potentially delaying mail delivery we ask that customers allow 4 to 6 WEEKS for delivery.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Flea Control Products Do You Carry At This Time?
  We only sell Advantage Flea Control, Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Control, and Frontline TopSpot Flea & Tick Control
Do I need a prescription for Advantage or Frontline?
  No, Advantage & Frontline are both non-prescription products.
Are Advantage and Frontline easy to use?
  Yes! Once a month, you simply apply a pre-measured dose from an easy-to-use applicator tube. Just part the hair between the shoulder blades of your dog or on the back of the neck of your cat. Then apply the solution on your pet's skin. That's all there is to it.
What Is The Difference Between Frontline Plus And Frontline TopSpot?
  Both kill live fleas and ticks equally well, but Frontline Plus also kills flea eggs and flea larvae before they can grow into adult fleas.
Does Advantage Kill Ticks?
  Advantage only kills fleas. You might be thinking of "K9 Advantix", a similar sounding product made by the same company (Bayer). At this time we do not sell Advantix.
How do I use Advantage and Frontline?
  Once a month, simply part the hair between the shoulder blades of your dog or on the back of the neck of your cat and apply the solution on your pet's skin.
Will Advantage or Frontline still work if my pet goes swimming or takes a bath?
  Yes, they both continue to work even when your pet gets wet providing protection under any condition.
Why do fleas seem to be a non-stop nuisance?
  Fleas will jump on your cat or dog, attracted by various stimuli such as body heat, movement and exhaled carbon dioxide. They bite to feed on the blood; then they produce eggs. Eggs drop from your pet to the ground or the carpet. The eggs develop into larvae and over time into adult fleas; then the life cycle starts all over again. A single flea can lay 20-25 eggs per day, so a "few" fleas can become "a lot" of fleas in a short time.
Why should I care about my pet's fleas?
  The constant feeding of fleas on pets may cause flea allergy dermatitis. The irritation can also lead to skin infections, tapeworms and even anemia.This can be very serious if not treated, and causes unnecessary suffering for your pet. I can guarantee you would not feel too comfortable with thousands of fleas biting your skin.
Why do some ticks remain attached to the skin after treatment with K9 Advantix or Frontline?
  Physiologically, the ticks remain stuck to the host because of a cementing substance produced by the salivary glands, which fixes the hypostome where it is. The ticks usually become detached several days after their death, following expulsion of the hypostome from the skin.
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